Fargo, ND

This was my 50th state! Andre will reach his 50th this year (2019) with our west trips, so we can move onto our next travel goal after that :). We’ve been together since 2014, so all-in-all, we hit our first travel goal in 5 years.

Andre and I have visited at least one location out of state every month for the past three years, which is how we were able to accomplish this goal. During that time, we learned so much about each other and met some wonderful people along the way. Traveling takes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to see the world through others eyes. It is quite majestic to go somewhere like Fargo where you know no one and have zero recommendations for things to do, but find that the people and city have so much to offer.

This small town has the cutest ice cream parlor in the middle of downtown, with an old-school theater, and lush parks to stroll through. It is definitely worth a trip and is right across the border from Minnesota. We made a road trip out to Fargo while visiting Minneapolis, which is only a 3 and half hour drive if you are into that kind of thing. Obviously, road-tripping is one of our favorite ways to travel from place-to-place so we can see all the cool stops along the way. And if this is your 50th state, make sure you stop by the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center for a free t-shirt and add your name to their list!